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Mawardi Appointed as Director of PDIA

Mawardi Appointed as Director of PDIA

Kapal uap Belanda di pelabuhan Sabang, Pulau Weh, 1905.
Foto: Charles J. Kleingrothe, KITLV

Governor of Aceh number 821.2 / 714/2016
Unsyiah Rector number 1837 in 2016 concerning the Appointment and Dismissal of the Director of PDIA

Head of the History Education Study Program (Kaprodi) of the Teaching and Education Faculty of Syiah Kuala University (FKIP-Unsyiah), Drs. Mawardi, M.Hum was appointed as the new director of the Aceh Documentation and Information Center (PDIA) replacing the old official, Dra. Zunaimar. The appointment was based on the Aceh Governor's decree number 821.2 / 714/2016 with the Chancellor Unsyiah number 1837 of 2016 concerning the Appointment and Dismissal of the Director of PDIA. The position handover took place at the PDIA office on Thursday, 15 September 2016.

2nd Vice-Chancellor Syiah Kuala University for Public Administration and Finance, Prof. Dr Husni, S.H., M.Hum in his remarks conveyed, PDIA is one of the unique institutions because it is shaded by two large institutions namely the Government of Aceh and Unsyiah. Regarding institutions, PDIA management is under Unsyiah. While the finances are under the responsibility of the Government of Aceh.

In addition, the new Director of PDIA must be able to bring his institution to become more advanced and rapidly developing. The old leader has succeeded in advancing PDIA. So, this progress must be continued by the new leadership, "said the Unsyiah Faculty of Law Professor.

According to him, the world of history is highly favoured by researchers and local and international tourists. They want to see Aceh up close. One of them is by visiting the PDIA. Then the PDIA must be able to accommodate the needs of the visitors or tourists to show the professionalism of the institution.

"Regarding the change of leadership, this is very common in an institution and is a necessity. Especially since the old PDIA Director has retired. So, this change is very reasonable. We hope that the PDIA can be more advanced and be able to present all information and documentation, especially regarding the history of Aceh, "he concluded.

The position handover was witnessed by the FKIP Dean and Deputy Dean II, the Head of Personnel, the Head of Administration, the Head of Administration, the Head of the HTL, the Head of the Household, the Head of the Education Personnel, and the Unsyiah staff along with PDIA management and staff

Director of PDIA, Drs Mawardi, M.Hum M.A. to Serambi, Friday (16/9) said he tried to make PDIA an important institution in maintaining Aceh's cultural heritage. According to him, cultural heritage will not be useful if it is not well documented. "Cultural heritage is not just to be saved, but learned and remembered by the community," he said.

For the long term, Mawardi aspires to establish a 'rio-drama' room in the Helsinki MoU. In that space he said, the public could commemorate the peace agreement process between the Free Aceh Movement (GAM) and the Republic of Indonesia, August 15, 2005, in Helsinki, Finland. "The room contains photographs, archives and records of the memorandum of understanding process. As if visitors were there at the time, "he explained.

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Deze inhoud is eigendom van het Atjeh Documentation and Information Center met de titel Drs. Mawardi, M. Hum, M A. Benoemd als directeur van het documentatie- en informatiecentrum van Atjeh, behalve dat een deel van de inhoud die in de referenties wordt vermeld, het eigendom is van hun respectieve eigenaars. Licentie onder Creative Commons CC BY-SA 4.0

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Konten ini juga tersedia versi Bahasa Drs. Mawardi, M.Hum, MA. ditunjuk sebagai Direktur PDIA 
etua Program Studi (Kaprodi) Pendidikan Sejarah Fakultas Keguruan dan Ilmu Pendidikan Universitas Syiah Kuala (FKIP-Unsyiah), Drs. Mawardi, M.Hum ditunjuk sebagai direktur baru Pusat Dokumentasi dan Informasi Aceh (PDIA) menggantikan pejabat lama, Dra. Zunaimar. Penunjukan tersebut berdasarkan surat keputusan Gubernur Aceh dengan nomor 821.2/714/2016 bersama Rektor Unsyiah dengan nomor 1837 tahun 2016 tentang Pengangkatan dan Pemberhentian Direktur PDIA. Serah terima jabatan tersebut berlangsung di kantor PDIA pada Kamis, 15 September 2016

Deze inhoud is ook beschikbaar in het Nederlands Mawardi Benoemd als directeur van PDIA
Hoofd van het History Education Study Program (Kaprodi) van de faculteit Onderwijs en Onderwijs van Syiah Kuala University (FKIP-Unsyiah), Drs. Mawardi, M.Hum werd aangesteld als de nieuwe directeur van het Aceh Documentation and Information Centre (PDIA) ter vervanging van de oude ambtenaar, Dra. Zunaimar. De benoeming was gebaseerd op het decreet van Atjeh Governor nummer 821.2 / 714/2016 met de kanselier Unsyiah nummer 1837 van 2016 betreffende de benoeming en het ontslag van de directeur van PDIA. De positie-overdracht vond plaats op donderdag 15 september 2016 op het PDIA-kantoor.


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